Who is RealPoint for?

RealPoint is mainly for Realtors who want to separate themselves and their listings from all the thousands of other Realtors. Create a narrative for listing a home to get the listing and sell the house. Show buyers what different neighborhoods have to offer for their lifestyle. 

Will RealPoint help me design the flyers/exports?

Yes! RealPoint has many templates in different design styles for you to customize and use for easy and fast marketing materials. Our goal is to make creating valuable marketing tools EASILY.

Can I share my account with another Realtor?

No! Each RealPoint account is dedicated to a single user and their listings. If a brokerage is interested in multiple accounts for many Realtors, please reach out to Sales!

Do I have to add the points?

No! RealPoint automatically pulls in all the points of interest in your map area, you just have to choose what to include in your report and voila!

Can I share the app with my clients?

Yes! In RealPoint Pro you can share a view only link with your clients to see map reports that don’t fit on a single page. Create an interactive experience for your buyers that other Realtors don’t offer.

Why can't I just use Google maps?

No other map system automatically shows points of interests AND lets you choose what to show on your map. RealPoint is a truly custom solution to this major gap in real estate marketing. Custom points, sleek and stylish reports, interactive buyer portal, and more.